Carrot Diniosaur

Carrot Diniosaur

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Carrot Dinosaur is an endless runner game on the website. This is a game with extremely simple but quite interesting 2D graphics. Players will transform into the T-rex, a carnivorous dinosaur from the Cretaceous period. In the game, the dinosaur runs continuously in the desert. The player's task is to manipulate the up and down keys to help the dinosaur avoid obstacles such as cactus bushes. As the distance traveled increased, the speed of dinosaur also increased. Therefore, although the game is very simple, it will be very difficult for an inexperienced player to score many points.

Carrot Dinosaur offers engaging gameplay, colorful graphics, and challenging levels that progressively increase in difficulty. It's a delightful game for players of all ages who enjoy platformers and collecting games. Enjoy playing Carrot Dinosaur to elaxing, it is a great choice for you after stressful and tiring working hours.

How to play Carrot Dinosaur online for free:

To start the game, press the spacebar. To jump, press the space or up arrow key. To crouch, press the down arrow key.

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