Smart Looter

Smart Looter

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Smart Looter is an exciting puzzle game that challenges players to strategize and navigate through various levels filled with treasures and obstacles. In this game, you take on the role of a skilled thief who must carefully plan each move to successfully loot valuable items from different locations. Your task is to be sneaky and quick and grab tons of loot by means of avoiding the sights of the police guards. If the police sees you, they will chase catch you and the robbery will fail.

The objective of Smart Looter is to collect all the treasures in each level while avoiding detection by security systems, guards, or other obstacles. You'll need to analyze the layout of each level, plan your path, and make precise moves to avoid triggering alarms or getting caught.

With its intuitive controls and engaging gameplay, Smart Looter offers a mix of strategy, problem-solving, and stealth. The game's colorful visuals and immersive sound effects add to the overall experience, making it a captivating choice for puzzle enthusiasts and fans of strategic gameplay.

Get ready to put your thieving skills to the test in Smart Looter!

How to play Smart Looter free online game

Drag mouse to move through all the items to thief, and then return the car for escape. Try to keep far from the police's light.