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Tripeaks Solitaire is the new of many Solitaire versions, which has pitched as a free game online.

In Tripeaks Solitaire, cards are stacked in three peaks. TriPeaks' object is to transfer all the cards from the tableau to the waste pile, uncovering cards further up the peaks, making them available for play.

You won the game when you destroyed three peaks: removed all the cards from the tableau to the waste pile.

How to Play Tripeaks Solitaire online for free:

The objective of TriPeaks is to remove all the cards from the table. You can only touch the face-down cards that are above or below the top card of the waste pile. Each card in the sequence will be moved to the waste pile so that you can create a sequence of cards. The more cards you remove, the better your sequence will be before you have to deal a new card from the reserve pile. When you run out of cards to add to your sequence and there are no more cards in the reserve pile, your game is over.

Good luck playing this free online version of Tripeaks Solitaire!

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