Runner Multiplayer

Runner Multiplayer

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Runner Multiplayer is a multiplayer game that offers a hexagonal tunnel in outer space. You control your creature to run, avoid countless dangerous gaps and unstable tiles, and win the game.

The race becomes increasingly challenging as you face numerous hazards. Although the space tunnel is very attractive, it also presents many obstacles. There are large gaps that you must jump over to avoid falling into space. Additionally, the unstable tiles in the tunnel can suddenly collapse, making it even more difficult for your character. Be cautious not to fall down.

In addition, the tunnel can rotate, allowing you to run on any surface. It’s best to run on surfaces with more solid tiles to avoid falling. Try your best to collect as much gold as possible. You can use it to change your character. You can also unlock other interesting creatures. In addition to this game, you can participate in other races in Runner, Slope 3, and Run 3.

How to play Runner Multiplayer online for free:

  • Use the arrow keys to move and the Space bar to jump.
  • Use [W] / [↑] to jump.
  • Use [A] / [→] to turn left.
  • Use [D] / [←] to turn right.

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