Geometry Jump 2

Geometry Jump 2

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Explore every level of Geometry Jump 2

Geometry Jump 2 is a novelty game with many levels to choose and game loved by many. Geometry Jump 2 game prepares for a new mission and try to overcome all challenges to survive to the end. If you haven't yet played Part 1 Geometry Jump, try clicking Geometry Jump to play now. In this Geometry Jump 2 , additional levels were added to challenge players while also meeting their demands. 

You will love the challenging levels of Geometry Jump 2! Explore the impossible parkour platforms in this neon world and help the square athlete reach the finish line! Test your reflexes and patience with fifteen challenging levels of game and beat these geometrical shapes in their own game! Enjoy our brand-new Geometry Jump 2 game now!

Features of the game geometry dash jump 2:   

  • Minimalistic geometrical a theme   
  • Bright neon colors   
  • 15 challenging levels   
  • Unlockable skins at the game store
  • Available on mobile phone


  • Use your mouse or space bar to play this game
  • Space/Left Mouse Button to jump up
  • Plant Emblem (F)
  • Use the cursor for navigation

After defeat this game, you can try to play Geometry Jump World for free online.