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 Pyramid solitaire is one of the Solitaire games. Also called Solitaire 13

Your task is to build a pyramid is to move pairs of cards card pairs that add up to 13 from the pyramid to remove them from the game. You can match cards based on denominations of them. As a rule of thumb, face cards are priced as: Aces are worth one, Jacks are worth 11, Queens are worth 12 and Kings are worth 13.

  • King: As a single card
  • Queen + an ace
  • Jack + No. 2 card
  • No. 10 card + No. 3 card
  • No. 9 card + No. 4 card
  • No. 8 card + No. 5 card
  • No. 7 card + No. 6 card

Draw new cards from the draw pile and make combinations with the card in pyramid. The game ends when the card count is exhausted and you cannot match any more matching cards or when you have successfully eliminated all the cards.

Let's play a game.

How to play

Use drag and move the mouse to match the cards.

Tap the cycle button to move Pyramid Solitaire cards from stock to waste. You can cycle through the stock three times, try to use your best judgement.

Have 6 levels for play: Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert, Master, Grandmaster.