Godzilla Runner

Godzilla Runner

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Godzilla Runner is a game that is based on the Google Dinosaur theme built into the Chrome browser. The protagonist is a monster who eludes the police. The game is set in a city at night, and the objective is to direct Godzilla to jump over tall buildings and overtake all of the cars on the side of the road. The game becomes increasingly challenging as you progress, and you must avoid colliding with the moving objects that meet you, such as buildings, trees, planes, and a tower crane. Run as far as you can to try to get as many points as you can.

By performing accurate jumps, you can cultivate perseverance and insight. Precise jumps allow you to avoid destroying buildings while saving lives. If you fail, try again! You must possess the necessary skills to achieve excellent results. Godzilla Runner becomes more interesting with new graphics and characters, from T-Rex to Godzilla.

How to play Godzilla Runner online for free:

Press SPACEBAR to start the game.

Use the up [↑] and down [↓] arrow keys to control Godzilla.

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