Geometry Jump

Geometry Jump

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Geometry Jump is a fun and challenging free online game that requires players to jump and dodge their way through a series of obstacles in a geometric 2D world. The game Geometry Jump features a geometric character that runs automatically, and players must time their jumps to avoid obstacles such as spikes, saws, and other hazards.

Geometry Jump world is set in a colorful and vibrant world with a catchy soundtrack that adds to the overall experience. Each level presents a new challenge, with obstacles becoming increasingly difficult to avoid as players progress through the game.

Players can collect stars along the way to unlock new characters and levels, adding to the game's replay value. Overall, Geometry Jump is a fun and addictive game that offers hours of entertainment and challenge.

How To Play Geometry dash jump free online games:

  • Space/ up arrow key/ left mouse button – to leap
  • F – plant flag
  • Mouse – navigate

How many levels are there in Geometry Jump?

Geometry Jump consists of 15 stages in all, each increasingly challenging than the last. Even with the checkpoints on the map, concentration is still needed at all times. If you lose focus, you can easily fail even at the first level.

There are three stars hidden on the map for each level, for a total of 45 stars. Try your best to get every single star in order to finish 100% of Geometry Jump.

If you finished Geometry Jump part 1, you can play Geometry Jump 2 nowhere!