Code Words

Code Words

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Code words game is a free online puzzle game play to the website In this game, players are presented with an interconnected grid of blank squares running in columns and rows. Some of these squares are populated with letters. The objective of the game is to guess what letter is supposed to go in a blank square by clicking on the square and pressing the key of the letter you want (or press the letter button on the screen).

If you want to learn how to play this Code words game, start by clicking on a blank square and pressing the key of the letter you want to place in the cell. You can also use the up arrow or down arrow to move the cursor to the next blank square.

How to Play Code word game online     

  • The Code word game starts with an interconnected grid of blank empty grid squares arranged in columns and rows. Each square has a number in its top-left corner.     
  • A few letters are placed in some of these squares by the game. It then adds that letter to other squares whose numbers match. For instance, if you begin the game with the letter R and place it in the number 4 square, all subsequent 4 squares will also automatically fill with an R.     
  • Once you believe you know which letter belongs in a blank square, click the square and select the desired letter by pressing the keypad (or the letter button on the screen).     
  • A letter added to one square will instantly show up in all other squares with that same number. To put it another way, there is only one letter for every number.     
  • Repeat the process of adding letters and see where they appear to determine what the hidden words are. When you fill in all the squares, the game will let you know whether you have won or if one or more letters are in the wrong position.
  • After placing all the letters in the correct squares, you will win the game and can share your score for that day.

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