Night Dinosaur

Night Dinosaur

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Night Dinosaur is an exhilarating adventure game that takes place in a prehistoric world under the cover of darkness. In this game, you control a fearless dinosaur who embarks on a thrilling journey through various landscapes filled with challenges and dangers.

As the night falls, the environment becomes mysterious and treacherous. Your mission is to guide the dinosaur through the dark terrain, overcoming obstacles and enemies along the way. You'll need to use your agility, quick reflexes, and problem-solving skills to survive and progress through the game.

How to play Night Dinosaur free online game     

  • Use the arrow keys or swipe left/right on the screen to move the dinosaur left or right to avoid obstacles, pits, and enemies.     
  • Press the spacebar or swipe up to make the dinosaur jump over obstacles or to reach higher platforms.     
  • Collect power-ups and special items along the way to enhance your abilities, such as speed boosts, shields, or extra lives.     
  • Be cautious of enemies or obstacles that can hinder your progress. Colliding with them will end the game.     
  • Aim to collect coins or other valuable items scattered throughout the level. These can be used to unlock new characters, power-ups, or upgrades.     
  • As you progress further, the speed of the game will increase, making it more challenging to react and avoid obstacles.     
  • Keep an eye on your score and try to beat your previous high score with each attempt.     
  • The game continues until you collide with an obstacle or enemy. At that point, you can either start a new game or choose to quit.

Remember, practice makes perfect! So keep playing, improve your reflexes, and strive for the highest score in Night Dinosaur!

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