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Schitalochka also known as "Counting Game" or "Number Game," is a simple educational game that helps children practice their counting and math skills.

Schitalochka is a free online math game on the website In this game, players can improve their basic math skills by solving addition and subtraction puzzles. The game has a unique feature of presenting mathematical problems and answers in the form of puzzle pairs, ensuring that children cannot mismatch the components, hence minimizing errors.

How to Play Schitalochka game online for free

  • Click and drag the correct result to ‘‘ ? ”
  • Playing Schitalochka is very simple and easy to understand. Each set presents of two cards; one card with a math problem and another card with its corresponding answer. The task of the children is to carefully match each math problem with its correct answer while simultaneously locking the puzzle pieces.

Tips and Tricks

Some tips to help you achieve high scores in this game are to familiarize yourself with each card pair before attempting to solve the puzzle. Always ensure that the puzzle locks are correctly aligned for a perfect match.


  • Puzzle-based: The game uses puzzles as a means of bringing learning to life.
  • Error Minimization: By using puzzle locks, kids are prevented from mismatching cards.
  • Basic Math Skills: Children are encouraged to learn addition and subtraction by using this enjoyable method.

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